A mix of music, community service announcemements, local news and & local feature segments.

22 Sep 2022, 2pm

22 Sep 2022, 2pm Cars & Guitars (Thurs Afternoons)

15 Sep 2022, 2pm

15 Sep 2022, 2pm Cars & Guitars (Thurs Afternoons) Star of the stage and screen, musician, gold record holder – WILBUR WILDE. Two full, immensely entertaining, hours with one of the great raconteurs! Playing his faves and why – much laughter and mirth. Don Henley, Hary Nilsen, Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons, Nik Kershaw, Ian Dury & The Blcokheads, Mondo Rock, Bob Marley, Split Enz, The Seekers, James Taylor, Garth Brooks, Van Morrison + Elton John.

8 Sep 2022, 2pm

8 Sep 2022, 2pm Cars & Guitars (Thurs Afternoons) Big UK ’70s bands & Peter Brock Tribute with interview. HOUR 1: a pick of unusual tracks from; Bowie, Led Zep, T-Rex, The Kinks + Aussies, Jim Keays Band, John Moon, Living Legends Blues Band. & amazing, emotional Foo Fighters live tribute performance featuring Shane Hawkins (Taylor’s son). HOUR 2: Peter Brock (1946 – Sept 8, 2006) interview with the owner and builder of the last Holden ever raced by The King Of The Mountain – in England. PHIL MUNDAY, how and why he built this classic Holden plus his friendship with Brocky..

1 Sep 2022, 2pm

1 Sep 2022, 2pm Cars & Guitars (Thurs Afternoons) "AUSSIE Music Mix + INSIDE Formula 1 with Vince De Rossi" HOUR 1: Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, The Saints, Eskimo Joe, Cold Chisel, The Cruel Sea, The Go-Betweens, TheTriffids, Spiderbait, AC/DC. HOUR 2: INSIDEFORMULA ONE with VINCE De ROSSI + Slade, Led Zep. And: interview re the biggest Father’s Day Car Show (in St. Kilda)