For people who take their MUSIC WAY too seriously!

The concept for “CLASSIC ROCK CLASS” came to me in an INSTANT. On the same night our  trainer asked us to think about a program we might like to run on community radio. “Think tonight, right now she said… of a Title, of a concept, and… an introduction!!!” Wow! I mean, I knew we wanted to do a Rock show. Rock is my life (haha). So I thought of the movie; School of Rock’ With Jack Black. I remember someone calling me after they went to the movies to see it and rang me coming out of the movie saying they had just seen  Craig in film… Ha! They went on to say that Jack Black has got me down pat with how INSANE he was about Music, in particular Rock Music… and that it was almost like they had consulted with the rock loony… me!  I had to go see it myself. Well… Jack is certainly way more talented than me, but in the nutty about Rock department.. yep! That was me to a tee (Driving people all around me CRAZY with my evangelical enthusiasm of spreading the gospel of…. ROCK.

CLASSIC ROCK CLASS therefore is loosely set on that premise! Our whole show with its very serious content is allowing us to laugh at how desperately in need of a life we are… outside of music… We have segments within our program which reflect classroom subjects (in  humorous way) For example History Lesson 101 (which sets out the tone and agenda for the whole show), talks about THIS WEEK IN ROCK HISTORY. We have Geog 101 Band from around the world, which is constructed for us to consider lesser known and other Rock inspired bands from around the globe (other than the Western continents alone).  And so it goes…..

One thing we KNOW about lovers of the Classic period of Rock Music is that … THEY BLOODY ARGUE… A LOT!!!! “Who’s the best, who’s the worst!!!!!. Who’s better than who??? Etc Etc. CRC sets out to take the micky out of this- out of them, out of us! Its light hearted … yet it is learned. In this, we do not mean that I as presenter am “The expert” ha! Far from it! The more we study, the more we find we know less! So each week I research for my program, for hours to build on what I already know as a lover… then to enhance the program. A serious thing for us… presented in a humorous way. And so… often you will hear me say in TYPICAL Rock lover fashion “He’s the “Best”, or She’s the Best”…. Only to find the very next week someone ELSE is now the best. That kind of talk is typical of one who just loves the genre…. And is in need of just a little psychiatric assistance.

Our program plays music from what we believe to be THE Classic period around 1965- 1975…. Having said that people will be now arguing even about THAT because it is completely debateable that even today people are making here and there muic which is in THAT vain… music which will be noticed in time to come as CLASSIC ROCK.  And so… we venture into years which include 65-75… but we go WAY beyond that!

And so the program is EXTREMELY DIVERSE. One minute we can play ‘Go all the way’ by the rapberries or ‘Happy together’ by the Turtles (1967)… and a few minutes later you’ll hear ‘KINGDOM’ by the Devon Townsend Project (2000)… hahaha. These songs are WORLDS apart!… but they make up the program and entertain we hope the diverse range of people we seek to entertain.


4 Jun 2023, 6pm

4 Jun 2023, 6pm Classic Rock Class

28 May 2023, 6pm

28 May 2023, 6pm Classic Rock Class

21 May 2023, 6pm

21 May 2023, 6pm Classic Rock Class

14 May 2023, 6pm

14 May 2023, 6pm Classic Rock Class