22 Feb 2024, 2:04pm

22 Feb 2024, 2:04pm Cars & Guitars

15 Feb 2024, 2:04pm

15 Feb 2024, 2:04pm Cars & Guitars "GLAMOROUS MARTIANS" – its all early 1970's! These two: one's from Mars the other's credited with creating/starting Glam Rock. Both were mates, one wrote a song about the other. Get some of this great rock inta ya + Badfinger, The Who, The Kinks, Deep Purple, Lou Reed and yes Marc Boland & David Bowie. – oh mercy! and… "Roadkill's WHACK TRACK" – Lithuania's biggest rock band from the early '70s and its Lithuania's INDEPENDACE DAY so learn about this little country with big spirit – the first USSR state to break away [yes before "the wall" fell]. Rock on kids.

8 Feb 2024, 2:04pm

8 Feb 2024, 2:04pm Cars & Guitars "WE ONLY WANNA SEE YA GET ROCKED NOW!"  AUSTRALIA DAY all-Aussie… Overlooked for too long, mega featuring Australia's first multi-cultural, only real Glam Rock band – the rockin'[and mostly forgott'n] "HUSH" + Matt Finish, Boom Crash Opera, Broderick Smith, AC/DC, Kevin Borich, Midnight Oil and more!  INCLUDING! the most beautifully written, produced and recorded Aussie song ever! Live every Thursday 2-4pm. on Melbourne's 88.6FM Plenty Valley.