The winter sports season (as disjointed as it was!) has come to a close and now we look to the new spring/summer grid.

Commencing on Sunday September 26, our new program guide will come alive! As we all move towards pandemic recovery, we are also hoping to reconnect with the community with some outside events and broadcasts as well.

Open a copy of the new Guide HERE (You can Zoom within the document to a suitable size).

Featuring our flagship Breakfast and Drive programs, we will also have encores of some of your favourite shows:

  • Classic Rock Class (Wed 10am – Noon)
  • 100% Aussie (Tues 9 -10am)
  • Those Were The Days (ThursE! 10am – Noon)
  • A Breath of Fresh Air with Sandy Kaye (Sun 11pm – Midn)

Our new grid also brings some new shows for you to tune in to:

From Us To You (Mon 9-10am and Sun 10-11pm)

A returning program marveling at the music of The Beatles, together and apart.

The Long Lunch (Mon-Thurs Noon-2pm)

A general mix of music and community information.

Musical Theatre Hour (Fri 1-2pm)

A variety of show tunes, classic tracks from movie musicals and updates on the local theatre scene.

Community Hour (Fri 9-10am)

Learn about local community groups and find out What’s On for the weekend.

Poppa J (Sat 4-6pm)

Music for the moment, across all genres and decades