Over 30 years of full-time community radio broadcasting, we have prided ourselves on our program diversity to inform and entertain the local area we serve in Melbourne’s Outer North East.

You might be looking for something in 2021 to connect to the community and consider becoming an On Air Presenter on Plenty Valley FM.

If so, then you’ll be looking to join us on Jun 9 for our Introduction to Broadcasting course Info Night which is scheduled to start the following week and run for 8 weeks.

You can REGISTER NOW to our FREE info night.


Information night  Mill Park Library6.30-8.00pmPVFM Orientation to course and enrolment Studio orientation
Week 1PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmResearch Program design/Program Clock Running sheet Studio Equipment Types of broadcasting Program structure e.g, Grid programs, podcasts, outside broadcasts) Studio practice
Week 2PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmResearch continued Content and audience engagement Running sheets Studio practice
Week 3PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmScripting – Writing for Radio InterviewingCommunity Service AnnouncementsIntros, OutrosSegwayWeather and traffic reportCopyright Program structure continues Radio announcing – using microphone and personality Studio practice
Week 4PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmPresentation – Voice and microphone techniques Interviewing – Different styles of interviews Podcasting Studio Practice
Week 5PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmRecording and Editing Part 1
Week 6PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmRecording and Editing Part 2
Week 7PVFM studios*6.30-9.00pmEmergency Services Outside Broadcasting Broadcast law Studio Practice
Week 8PVFM studios6.30-9.00pmBringing it all together Studio practice
Assessment week  PVFM studiosBy appointmentFINAL ASSESSMENT – YOU’RE ON AIR

* Due to COVID-19, access to Plenty Valley FM is currently limited. These theory sessions may be held online