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24 Sep 2021, 12pm

24 Sep 2021, 12pm The Conversation

19 Sep 2021, 9am

19 Sep 2021, 9am The Conversation In the Season Final of Conversation with Matt Christie we have international Actor, playwright, director, producer, teacher and lyricist Joel Trinidad. Just what is life like in the Philippines during the global pandemic, keeping your career alive, writing, premiere of "Kumun Sense" with Nicky Trivino, accents, Aussie music and even a mention of Pinky Marquez.  Upstart is a theater and entertainment company created by artists for artists headed up by Joel in Manila, the Philippines. Joel Trinidad: Upstart: Facebook:  Upstart Productions:    Matt Christie  Journalist & Presenter 88.6 Plenty Valley FM – Victoria, Australia Matt Christie:  Matt Christie:     

17 Sep 2021, 12pm

17 Sep 2021, 12pm The Conversation

10 Sep 2021, 12pm

10 Sep 2021, 12pm The Conversation

3 Sep 2021, 12pm

3 Sep 2021, 12pm The Conversation

27 Aug 2021, 12pm

27 Aug 2021, 12pm The Conversation