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5 Apr 2021, 4pm

5 Apr 2021, 4pm Monday Drive

29 Mar 2021, 3pm

29 Mar 2021, 3pm Monday Drive

22 Mar 2021, 3pm

22 Mar 2021, 3pm Monday Drive

15 Mar 2021, 3pm

15 Mar 2021, 3pm Monday Drive

8 Mar 2021, 3pm

8 Mar 2021, 3pm Monday Drive

1 Mar 2021, 7pm

1 Mar 2021, 7pm Monday Drive Matt in conversation with Amber Wilkinson founder of Kind is Cool about National Be Kind Day on 2 March 2021. Are you ready to be kind?  The company Kind is Cool, is gearing up for their third National Be Kind Day on Tuesday March 2nd with a host of celebrities already signed to take part and help spread kindness, stand up to the bullies and raise money to prevent bullying. You can get on board by: “Be Kind” t-shirts can be purchased at $2 from the sale of every shirt goes to anti-bullying charity, Bully Zero

1 Mar 2021, 6pm

1 Mar 2021, 6pm Monday Drive Jeanne Little, was one of the biggest showbiz queens of all time and lives on in all of us.  About NeuRA Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) is an independent, not-for-profit research institute based in Sydney aiming to prevent, treat and cure brain and nervous system diseases, disorders and injuries through medical research.

1 Mar 2021, 3pm

1 Mar 2021, 3pm Monday Drive

25 Feb 2021, 9am

25 Feb 2021, 9am Monday Drive Matt has a chat with Sian Mitchell the Festival Director.  Established in early 2017, the Melbourne Women in Film Festival is a not-for-profit festival aimed at celebrating and supporting the work of women filmmakers and creatives – from directors, writers and producers to cinematographers, sound designers and editors. Our annual festival promotes the many talented Australian women who work within all areas of screen production, exhibiting works of all styles and genres by women filmmakers and showcasing the diversity of women’s perspectives through storytelling and conversation. We look forward to seeing you at the festival. 

22 Feb 2021, 3pm

22 Feb 2021, 3pm Monday Drive