Repair Café Greensborough is a neighbourhood initiative that promotes repair as an alternative to
tossing things out.

We are organising a Greensborough Repair Café every 2 months at Greensborough Christian Book Centre (hall & supper room).

Bring in your item that needs repairing and fix it on the spot with the help of a voluntary repairer.
Save it from being tossed and learn new skills!

Join us!

We are looking for local residents with different skills who can be present as repair experts during the Repair Café meetings.

We are especially looking for people who are handy with:

* electrical appliances * bicycles
* mechanical appliances * jewellery
* whatever your skill is

And who enjoy sharing their knowledge with their neighbours.

Want to know more about the Repair Café?

Look at the international website and on or our Facebook page – Greensborough Repair Café

Date: Sat 17 September 2022


Email: [email protected]

14 Church St